Besides working as a professional front-end developer and WordPress site administrator at various points in my career, I always try to have some personal projects on the go. These are often opportunities to try out some unfamiliar technology: a JavaScript library, a CMS, a build system, a platform for my content…. Here are some of my personal projects.


Personal website (multiple versions); Techsdale website (co-founder of charity); turn.js ‘browser book’; Alli’s Journey website (charity Board Member); RPG Maker game design software tutorial; Jekyll plugin hosted on GitHub.


WordPress (some custom themes; some marketplace themes); Bootstrap; Jekyll; CSS; Sass; GitHub and GitHub Pages.

Pictured above

  • Spooky (WordPress humour website; podcast)
  • SCAllemang.ca (old site; Jekyll blog; no longer online)
  • Captain Toby (RPG in-browser video game)
  • Alli’s Journey (WordPress charity website)
  • ChrisLounds.ca (turn.js project)
  • TXDL.ca (WordPress website; no longer online)
  • SCAllemang.ca (WordPress website)
  • more…